The Wellbeing@School website

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The Wellbeing@School website provides schools with self-review tools to build a safe and caring climate that deters bullying.

Wellbeing at School: Building a safe and caring school climate that deters bullying –  This booklet is a summary of the key ideas from a literature review of New Zealand and international research about ways to create a caring and safe school climate that addresses bullying behaviours.


Glasgow has a Pastoral Care Policy

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Glasgows Pastoral Care Policy

Check out the link and leaflet.

Pastoral Care – Looking after and supporting the development of the “whole child”.

Arrangements for Pastoral Care in Glasgow schools have been designed to provide a holistic approach to addressing the personal, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual (whether these come from a faith or non faith perspective) needs of every young person. 

Pastoral Responsibilities of all Teachers

Pastoral Care is a process in which every teacher is involved and has responsibilities. The duties of every teacher include:
  • promoting and safeguarding the health welfare and safety of young people.
  • working in partnership with parents, support staff and other professionals.
  • providing advice and guidance to young people on issues relating to their education.
  • contributing towards good order and the wider needs of the school.
Further information is contained in the leaflets below.