EDEN – eating issues and body image specialists in Auckland

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EDEN is a non-profit community agency based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. We have been New Zealand’s eating issues and body image specialists since 1990.



edanz – Eating Disorders of New Zealand

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Eating Disorders Assoc NZ (EDANZ) offers parents and carers help. EDANZ was established by parents of people with eating disorders in New Zealand. They understand how challenging the illness is for the person and the family.


Tips to help stop bullying and cyber bullying

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Strategies to improve Fathers’ involvement in Education

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Strategies to Improve Fathers’ Involvement in Education


Talking To Children And Teens About A Parent Who Is Absent Long Term

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Talking To Children And Teens About A Parent Who Is Absent Long Term

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They are lots of reasons why a parent may be absent and away from their children. It may be due to working or living in another town or country, a serious illness or disability, being in prison or because a parent chooses to leave and not be part of their children’s lives.

Finding an End to the Parent-Teacher Wars

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Finding an End to the Parent-Teacher Wars

From Larry Ferlazzo’s blog –  http://engagingparentsinschool.edublogs.org/2012/04/21/finding-an-end-to-the-parent-teacher-wars/

Finding an End to the Parent-Teacher Wars is a nice piece by Jessica Lahey that appeared in The New York Times.

She offers some good advice.

Unfortunately, though, she cites Ron Clark as her sort of inspiration for the post.

Ron Clark might be a very good teacher, but I certainly wouldn’t listen to any advice he gives about parent/teacher relationships.

NOTE: Jessica tried to leave a comment on this piece, but had difficulty posting it. Here is what she said in a message to me:

Thanks so much for your mention of my NYT piece. I tried to comment on the actual post but I kept getting error messages about including words such as “.” that were not allowed. My comment was: “I may not agree with everything Ron Clark says and does, but I do agree with the sentiments he expressed in the CNN piece I linked to in my article. He said some words that really needed to be said, and he’s lucky enough to have the freedom to say them – a freedom many other teachers don’t have. Thanks for for the mention, and I really appreciate the comments.”