EDEN – eating issues and body image specialists in Auckland

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EDEN is a non-profit community agency based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. We have been New Zealand’s eating issues and body image specialists since 1990.



edanz – Eating Disorders of New Zealand

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Eating Disorders Assoc NZ (EDANZ) offers parents and carers help. EDANZ was established by parents of people with eating disorders in New Zealand. They understand how challenging the illness is for the person and the family.


The ugly side of female friendships

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The University of Auckland research



Schoolgirls more violent than boys say teachers

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Schoolgirls more violent than boys say teachers

NZ Herald article – Girls are overtaking boys as the biggest bullies in many school playgrounds, reversing thousands of years of male-dominated violence.

Is the internet harmful to teenage girls?

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Is the internet harmful to teenage girls?

Caitlin Flanagan’s controversial new book, Girl Land, which argues that the internet has a damaging effect on teenage girls, has led to a furious row among US women.

The Girls Project

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The Girls Project

Focusing on teenage girls’ violent & anti-social behaviour, physical & verbal fighting, cyberbullying & technology based aggression.


With the research from The Girls’ Project completed, Stopping Violence Services Nelson (SVSN) and Dr Donna Swift, principal researcher for the project, are now offering trainings and presentations focusing on young women’s violence and anti-social behaviour.