A health promoting schools approach to bullying

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Media headlines ensure that we are constantly reminded of the presence of bullying in our schools. This article draws on responses to a national survey on barriers to student learning. The strategies that primary and secondary schools that responded are implementing to address bullying are discussed in relation to the approach known as “health promoting schools”—an approach that is internationally recognised for its effectiveness in addressing mental health issues in schools.



Bullying Guidelines

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Tips to help stop bullying and cyber bullying

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The ugly side of female friendships

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The University of Auckland research



New Zealand International Film Festival 2012 – Bully

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A powerfully effective tool in the campaign to drag school bullying out of the dark corners where it thrives, Lee Hirsch’s documentary made headlines when American censors, citing use of the f-word, made it forbidden viewing for the very audience it was designed to serve. No such restrictions exist here. — BG
“Lee Hirsch’s film is a potent and provocative look at a problem that’s out of control, what with 13 million American kids a year being bullied, and some of them even taking their own lives. Hirsch goes beyond statistics to focus on a handful of bullied students… Alex, 12, is punched and ridiculed without remorse, while school administrators tell his parents that ‘boys will be boys.’ Kelby, 16, is an athlete who comes out as gay, only to face being ostracized and run down by a car. Ja’Meya, 14, is so traumatized that she takes a gun onto her school bus to scare off bullies and faces 22 felony charges.

The families of two suicides – one boy was 17, the other 11 – try to organize on a national level, pressing students and school officials to pull the issue out of dark corners and take a stand for the silent. As one parent says to a school official who tries to brush the topic away: ‘You politicianed me.’ Bully isn’t politics. It’s a heartfelt cry for help.” — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“While the film focuses on the specific struggles of five families, it is also about – and part of – the emergence of a movement… Its primary audience is not middle-aged intellectuals but middle-school students caught in the middle of the crisis it so powerfully illuminates.” — A.O. Scott, NY Times

Tackling Bullying

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Tackling Bullying

UK Based video – Are schools doing enough to tackle bullying?

What is sexual bullying?

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What is sexual bullying?

UK based – Teenagers talk about sexual bullying in schools. An informative introduction to the issue of sexual bullying, this video is designed to get KS3/4 PSHE students thinking about what sexual bullying is, and how it can make others feel. Sexual bullying can be defined as gender based bullying, bullying of a sexual nature or sexual harassment in schools. Discussions with teenagers reveal the differing attitudes towards sexual bullying and how often this behaviour can be construed as normal, making it a widespread but largely un-addressed form of bullying. Designed to stimulate debate around this sensitive issue, the video is broken into bite-sized sections, helping students gain a clear understanding of the topic.

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