Understanding NCEA – A relatively short and very useful guide for secondary school students and their parents

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The Samoan language translation of Understanding NCEA

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 The Samoan language translation of Understanding NCEA: A relatively short and very useful guide for secondary school students and their parents.


Targets and talk: evaluation of an evidence-based academic counselling intervention

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Towards university: Navigating NCEA subject choices in low to mid decile schools

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The Starpath Project

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A pioneering research project focused on transforming educational outcomes for New Zealand students who are currently under-achieving at secondary school and hence are under-represented in tertiary education.



Transportability of NCEA overseas

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Transportability of NCEA overseas

An article from the New Zealand Education Review on – How do NCEA qualifications stack up in other countries? ANGELA PEREZ of NZQA reports.

Useful information for students interested in overseas study.