Ministry of Education NZ – Responding to a student at risk of suicide or self-harm

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Ministry of Education NZ – Responding to a student at risk of suicide or self-harm

School based recognition of students in distress has been shown to be effective in providing assistance for young people who are at risk of suicidal behaviours. Recognition and support can be provided by all staff.


Headspace – LEAP (Liaison and Education Adolescent Project)

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Headspace – LEAP (Liaison and Education Adolescent Project)

LEAP (Liaison and Education Adolescent Project) is a programme run by staff from Kari Centre community teams.  The aim of LEAP is to develop a resource partnership of the Kari Centre to assist Central Auckland secondary schools in their common concerns for vulnerable students.  They provide outreach in the service of positive mental health outcomes for students. 

This is the link to the schools pages. These pages are brought to you by the Liaison Education Adolescent Project (LEAP) which is a resource for secondary schools in Central Auckland, New Zealand. Some stuff in here is aimed particularly at our central Auckland colleagues, specifically the resources pages.  However, they hope the rest of the pages are useful for all school staff in understanding ideas around mental and emotional well being.


NZ National Suicide Prevention Information

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NZ National Suicide Prevention Information

Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand is a national service providing high quality information and resources to promote safe and effective suicide prevention activities. It is provided by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, under contract to the Ministry of Health.

Here is the direct ink to resources for schools